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Barry Cohen is an award-winning

Resume Writer, Outplacement Career Coach and outstanding Job Coach. Barry has assisted thousands of individuals, from CEO's to welfare mothers win the job they deserve and really want.


Barry has been featured in IMAGE Magazine, The Learning Annex, and on “Good Day New York” TV show. Barry helps people change their lives and get what they desrve.


3 simple questions:

  • Are you getting paid, what you desreve?

  • Are you doing the work, you want to do?

  • Could Barry help you?

Services are based on your needs. We offer support in the following list of consultation services/roles:


  • Outplacement Consultant

  • Outplacement Career Coach

  • Career Advisor

  • Job Coach

  • Resume Writing

  • Individual Consultation

  • Professional Speaking engagements

  • Small and Large Group Presentations

  • Book Signings

  • Custom Career Consultation                (based on clients need)

Customer Feedback...

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Barry Cohen

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The letters, mail and phone calls have come in and here is what peole are saying...


“You helped me more in 1 hour than other counselors have done in several sessions. Your resume, cover letter and interview techniques worked wonders.” - Lockheed Martin Fairchild Systems


"[after leaving a seminar given by Barry Cohen] That was really fun and I learned a lot more than I  expect. What he said made sense and is what I look for when I hire people, so it should work on my next interview too."

“You are the best resume writer in New York! Thanks to you I generated a 6-figure income with great potential!”


“You had a direct positive impact on my life. There were moments that were very difficult for me – you were always there.”


“My company, Loral Systems Fairchild Systems, utilized Barry as an outplacement consultant with great success. He has coached hundreds of our employees to alternate employment opportunities….he is outstanding and I recommend him highly.”


"When we first met, I was a single mother living in a domestic violence shelter. You motivated me to return to school - I just earned my Masters in Social Work - God bless you!"


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To Help You Change Your Life

By Beginning with Your Career,

Work and Living the Life You Deserve!



(201) 783-3331

(732) 222-9291-22



NY Offices:

312 East 50th Street, Suite 4-W

New York, NY 10022


NJ Offices:

510 Ocean Avenue, Suite 29

Long Branch, NJ 07740

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