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Our Expertise

Some of the best people do not get hired     -     The people who know how to get hired, get hired...

As a team, we will coach you through our strategic approach and empower you to get hired!


Our Approach:

We establish four (4)  stages in setting up a job hunting campaign that works:


1. The Product & Sale

  • Know the product (you) and what we are selling assessment of your skills

  • Know the value you bring to your next employer;

  • How you should be positioned to create the best, possible candidate  -  you!


2. Getting the Interview

  • We will craft a powerful, potent and killer broadcast cover letter that will make the reader want to meet you.

  • Launch the campaign and generate multiple interviews.


3. Getting Your Offer 

  • You will get  individual scripting with polished answers to the most difficult interview questions:

- “So, tell me about yourself?”                  - “Why should we hire you?”

- “Why did you leave you last position?”    - “How much money are you looking for?”

- etc., etc., etc.

  • You will be armed to the teeth for any situation!


4. Get the Money 

  • You never get the money you deserve but you will get the money you can negotiate.

  • We will work out a negotiating strategy.


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All of the following services are available based on your needs.

Strategy & Organization
Corporate Development
Resume/Career Redesign
Career Coaching
Job Coaching
Interviewing Skills

What is the role of a Career Counselor?

· Target and plan your job search.

· Prepare a potent resume with a “killercover letter.

· Prepare you to “ace” every job interview and get the job you really want by coaching you to communicate confidently

       (even though you don’t feel it).

· Job coach you in negotiating your value and earning the maximum salary.

· Assist you in increasing your visibility for job advancement

       (learn the 8 “magic” words that will help you keep your job and get promotions).

· Teach you how to increase your value to a potential employer.

· Instruct you in the proper and effective way to network (how 78% of jobs are won).


To learn more about Barry Cohen’s “Power Interview” workshops, resume writing or interview preparation, call or e-mail right away.




                 “If you job hunt like everyone else, you end up like everyone else.” 

                  Let us help you learn to fight Firedwith FIRE”!


How to Get Employers to Pick Up the Phone and Call you for a Job Interview"

The ugly truth about your beautiful resume is that only 1 in 25 will ever be read (Crain’s New York).


Here are some helpful hints:

· Always have a job objective. The first line of your resume should state the position you are seeking. An objective shows an employer that you are focused.

· Use power words. Instead of stating you were “responsible for…,” say you managed, oversaw or negotiated.

· Use bullets generously. It forces an employer to read, breaks up blocks of text and makes your resume appealing.

· Be focused and selective. Leave off experience that goes back over 25 years Less is more.

· Call an expert. Always call a professional to save you time and assist in marketing you to a wide audience.


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