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Power Interviewing Killer Cover Letters

How to Get The Job You Really Want!
- Written By Barry Cohen
This Book can
     help change your life!

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Rating: 5 Stars



Power Interviewing by Barry Cohen is the most down-to-earth guide to making the most of your job hunt I have ever read. This book will guide you through the process of getting the interview, making the best impression at the interview, proper follow up procedures to make you stand out from the other candidates and finally negotiating the best deal.


It also goes over how to handle a rejection gracefully and potential ways of reversal, how you can make a position that you have decided that you do not want worth your while (rather then giving it up,) proper attire and etiquette for an interview (not just 'wear business attire' but the implications of various dress and when each would be appropriate.) There is also a large focus on interviewing the company and appropriate questions to ask the interviewer; a very common disqualifying aspect of job interviews is not asking enough/any questions/not showing interest in the company. There is also a section on best ways to answer the most common questions (what is your weakest point, tell me about yourself, why did you leave your last position, etc.)


Unlike similar books which claim everything from using bright colored resume paper to leaving notes on the CEO's car, there are no silly tactics in this book. This book is full of methods to accentuate your true benefits to the organization and techniques of professionalism to guarantee that you will get the job over similarly qualified candidates. It will also guide you through common responses to proactively counter and use to your benefit disqualifying issues. Included are some very strong sample cover letters, resumes, thank you letters, etc. which make Power Interviewing an indispensable resource to your job hunt.


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Just remember the small wise investment, you made, in this book as you collect your newly negotiated and increased pay check!
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